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 Sumiyoshi Hiei

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PostSubject: Sumiyoshi Hiei    Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:54 am


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Sumiyoshi Hiei

Alias: Reaper

Gender: Male

Age: 467

Visual Age: Late 20's.

Rank: Freelancer / Former Second Division Captain and leader of Omnisukido.

Ex-Division: Second

Years Since Exile: ~150

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: AB+

Family Members: At this point, he has no knowledge of a family.

Birth Date: March 23rd

Star Sign: Gemini

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Least Favorite Food: Any form of vegetable.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:

Hiei stands at a relatively height, nearly six foot in fact. Not too tall, but big enough to be eye catching. His hair is of the darkest of black, almost as if a ray of sunlight had never touched upon it. It is just long enough to reach the bottom of his back at it's longest points, and is almost always seen tied up. His odd, almost green colored eye's tend to gaze upon the world with a genuine hint of empathy. With put a petite nose and thin lips, he tends to be a rather attractive young man, although not the most attractive you will see.

His clothing consists of many an item, although the look is only complete once all are taken into account. His trousers are of the same shade of his hair, the darkest of blacks that can almost pierce your eye's as a bright light would. They sit tightly around his waist, yet are somewhat loose around the leg department, apparently for comfort. While this is not as extreme as a shinigami's pants, the fact that they are baggy remains noticeable. His chest tends to be uncovered to the outside world, toned and strong muscle's being on display to those who would glance upon him. If this is not the case, however, he wears a white buttoned shirt, with the top three buttons undone. However, with or without the shirt, he wears a black trenchcoat, which stops just before his ankle's. His feet wear a pair of black trainers, as to not go against the general look of the rest of his clothing. This is clearly somebody who cares about their outward appearance.

At all times, he has a piece of fabric wrapped around both hands, much like a boxer does before a fight. The reason for this is unknown, but then again, nobody has really ever asked.

His legs appear to be longer than most men of his height, his torso being proportionally smaller. In fact, he almost appears to be quite feminine in appearance. His face is soft to look at, and his body is relatively thin. However, he is also incredibly toned, showing that he has no lack of training. There are only but two scars on his body, a gash across his chest, and another across the bottom of his back.

Reiatsu Color: White / Red when using his hollow mask.

Height: 5' 11''

Weight: 150 pounds

Body Type: Hiei has a relatively muscular physique, however, he is also small in stature. His muscle's are incredibly toned, yet small and compact. The kind of body that would work well with his history in the Onmitsukido.

Extra Information:



Genuine, but a trickster?

Hiei, around those he considers allies or friends, will always speak his mind. He never holds anything back, and tells people bluntly how he feels about a situation. He doesn't believe in lying to comrades. However, this genuine attitude doesn't follow him into battle. No, in battle, he uses his reputation to his advantage. While many Shinigami would believe he would never lie, he will make sure that if they were to fight him that he would not make any obvious moves, and will often speak to them in order to get them to open their defenses. To him, battle is something that is disgusting. And to win, you should do anything in your power to do so, even if it means turning against your own morals to accomplish it.

Natural Leader

Hiei's time spent as the Second Division Captain and the commander of the Omnisukido shows only part of his leadership skills. When it's needed, Hiei can come across as a truly inspirational figure. He appears to have the natural ability to get his allies ready for battle, and is talented enough to see weaknesses in enemy formations and tactics. This makes him an ideal strategist, something a leader would require. This side of him only truly comes to play during battle, or when he needs to make a decision that could affect the livelihood of his fellow companions.


Hiei could be considered strange when it comes to the way he acts around food. He almost comes across as childish. Often seen cringing at the mere thought of vegetables, he shows a great disdain for his greens. When not in battle, and relaxing, he is more often than not seen with a bar of chocolate. He has openly admitted that if he doesn't get his sugar fix, he gets a little moody. However, it is not only food that gives this reaction. He is picky about color schemes, and doesn't like the way some people dress, happily telling them that he hates it.

General - Calm

When he is in content, he appears to be a genuinely friendly and pleasant person. Yes, he may act out occasionally due to lack of sugar, and he may well still give a sly remark about someone if they annoy him. However, he appears to have the ability to become anyone's best friend with ease. Easy to get along with, he had been seen to have a lot of friends even as a Captain in Soul Society. He believes in rewarding people for a job well done, and will happily do someone a favor if they assist him.

He enjoys the company of others, but appears to enjoy being alone even more. He likes to think to himself, and not deal with other people's problems at times. Not to say he wouldn't do it for his allies, but it's not his favorite thing in the world. There are times where he will simply go outside and proceed to use Shunpo excessively, if only to stretch his legs and keep his muscle's loose. This shows that even during times of content, he is constantly prepared for a worst case scenario.

He is generally empathetic, seeing even the hollow's he despises so much as a lost soul. He can put himself in someone's shoes, even when he himself hasn't experienced what they have. This makes him a nice enough person to come to if someone's upset, as he will genuinely try his hardest to help them.

General - Battle

During combat with an enemy, Hiei's eye's show a distinct lack of emotion. He almost becomes zombie-like. While he will often talk during combat, his voice becomes noticeably monotone. The accuracy of his blows become almost pin-point, capable of hitting the same point of the same target consistently. This accuracy show's his knowledge of combat, and the lack of emotion is seemingly because it helps keep his mind clear of outside distractions. He feels he fights better that way. When talking in battle, he will often mock the opponent, taunt them, or even try to strike fear within their hearts. He will use everything he can to gain an advantage.

General - Hollow Mask

When donning his hollow mask, Hiei's personality generally stays the same. However, he sounds considerably more malevolent. When trying to play mind games, he will become much more sadistic in his taunts, to the point where he would mention feasting on their blood. His attacks move from calculated blows to a simply overwhelming fighting style. Instead of aiming for the best possible spot, he will simply throw more and more attacks, making for a more painful experience.

Likes: Chocolate, Friends, being alone, engaging in combat.

Dislikes: Most Shinigami (Although he still would ally himself with them if they were at war), The entirety of hollow kind, vegetables, idiots.

Goals: His current goal is to find more like himself.

Insecurities: -

Fears: Like most, Hiei is afraid of dying once more. Even he questions what will happen to him once he is killed. And unlike most, he openly accepts this fear, believing it will help him if the time shall come. This is a fear he has never denied.

Strengths: Master of Onmitsukido arts: Hiei excels in the Omnitsukido techniques, as expected from a former Second Division Captain. He could be described as one of the greatest Shunpo users in the entire history of Seireitei. He is an excellent hand to hand combatant, and has even mastered the technique "Shunko".

Kido Master: Hiei can use a whole multitude of Kido spells, and should be considered a potentially devastating target in a battle of Kido. He can use up to level 81 Kido (Both Hado and Bakudo) without incantation.

Weaknesses: Reduced Durability: Hiei's biggest weakness would be his durability. Yes, he is one of the fastest beings Soul Society has ever seen. Yes, he can fight extremely well. However, when it comes to taking a punch, he appears to take more damage than someone equal to his rank would. If he was considered at the level of an advanced Captain, he would take damage slightly worse than a normal level captain would.

Novice of Zanjutsu: While he has mastered his Bankai, his skill in Zanjutsu isn't exactly what one would consider high caliber. No, in a battle of blades, Hiei would likely lose to a much weaker adversary. This would explain why he appears to fight almost all battles with his hands, and not with his Zanpakuto. It's lucky for him that his Zanpakuto is more strategic than brutish, wouldn't you agree?

Phobias: While a confident and calm man, Hiei is terribly scared of dogs and horses. The sight of either one can even make him run and hide.

Extra Information: Hiei appears to have two main hand to hand style's. The first seems to be the generic Shinigami Hakuda that Shinigami use. The second appears to be considerably harder to hit, and his moves become almost impossible to read. This is said to be Hiei's very own "Drunken" style, which he seemed to be particularly skilled in when he first came to Rukongai.


An advanced secret battle technique that combines the grappling technique of Hakuda and the incantation technique of Kidō. It is an ultra-powerful technique in which one drives Kidō into one's arms and legs. The Kidō itself can also be controlled and fired at opponents from the body. The keisen uniform has no back or sleeves because the fabric will rip apart when the user's back and arms are filled with Kidō (Hiei will often remove the top half of his clothing before using Shunko). It could be said that Shunkō is a secret technique used by the Corps Commander of the Executive Militia. The uniform worn when punishment is carried out is specifically geared for Shunkō. Hiei himself has mastered this ability to an incredibly high level, having control over it which is potentially unrivaled. (Thanks to Bleach Wiki, this is slightly modified from what they have. The effects are the same as they have wrote, but i've removed the Yoruichi and Soifon references and added Hiei's own).


An ability which nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting it with another one of perfectly opposite speed and energy. The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements. (Thanks to Bleach Wiki once again - This ability is linked to Shunko).


Bio: Before even Hiei's memories begin, there was a truly horrendous experience for the young child. He died through being murdered, and spent his time as a Pulse watching over the Shaolin Temple he was so fond of. As the days turned to weeks, and the weeks to month, he noticed the chain on his chest shrinking day by day. It wasn't hard to notice mind you, the pain was like nothing Hiei had ever felt, or has felt since. As a year passed, his chain was on its last bite. Then, as it finally cracked into his chest, he began to change. He felt hatred, anger, and more importantly, hunger. At that very point, a black figure reached out to him. The pain was lifted, and he headed to his new home.

Hiei's earliest memories lead him back to his awakening within Rukongai. Yes, like most who were once human, he too appeared to have no memories prior to this. In fact, only his name stuck with him, and a natural ability to fight with his fists. He spent his early days simply wandering through Rukongai in an apparent state of confusion. He ended up in many fights early on his life, solely because he seemed far too odd by most people's standards. Before long, he had gained a reputation amongst the residents of Rukongai. Nick named 'The Reaper' due to his apparent lack of emotion during combat, his presence was alerted to Soul Society. He had potential, a lot, and at the age of only fourteen (A year after his death), he was a prime target to be molded in the image of the Shinigami greats.

During the next year, he was eventually found by a low class Shinigami. This was the first person who actually bothered to speak to the strange young man, and Hiei immediately knew what it was to have a friend. After several long hours, Hiei followed him towards Seireitei, and enrolled in the Academy. However, in order to enroll, he had to firstly pass the initiation test.

He managed to fail this test the first time, for reasons unknown. He assumed they simply didn't see it in him. However, as the years continued to pass, he kept trying to get into the Academy. On his fourth attempt, he passed.

During his time in the Academy, however, the error in not enrolling him sooner made itself quite apparent. He was a natural with Kido, beyond the majority of his class. But alas, this wasn't what made him special. In Hakuda, he was one of the greatest hand-to-hand fighters the Academy had ever seen. In fact, his only apparent weakness was in Zanjutsu, the art of wielding a sword. It was during this time in the Academy that his initially minor spiritual energy came to fruition. It was rapidly increasing with every lesson, and by the end of his fifth year, he was promoted into the Gotei 13. The Second Division Captain personally approached Hiei and requested he join their squad. Accepting, he was immediate placed in fourth seat.

Upon joining the second division, he was also taken into the Onmitsukido. He was within the Executive Militia upon joining, and was immediately taken on all sorts of missions along side his Captain. As the years continued to pass, he worked up the rankings within the Second Division, eventually gaining the rank of Lieutenant. It was during these missions that he had unlocked his initial release of his Zanpakuto. At this point, he had also begun to learn the Onmitsukido unique ability "Shunko".

By this point, at an age of over two hundred, Hiei was considered by many as a prodigy. A huge title, and likely misplaced, but there was no doubt he was approaching the Captain level barrier. At this point, he was unlocking his Bankai and making a good job of it. He had manifested his Zanpakuto spirit, which was a monster in itself. He had to use immense strategy in order to gain what was rightfully his, but after eight years he had achieved Bankai. During his Bankai training, he had also gained a greater knowledge of Shunko, his kido energy being visible at this point.

It was shortly after this that his very own Captain had turned against the Division, at least in Hiei's opinion. While on a mission for the executive Militia, the Second Division Captain turned on one of his own men and killed them there on the spot. Upon returning to Soul Society, Hiei challenged the Captain to a battle. During the battle, Hiei felt himself against a being as masterful as him in the art of Hakuda, but strangely, Hiei had an advantage in the last place he had expected. His speed. However, even that wasn't enough to gain victory on its own. Activating his Bankai, Hiei used strategy to defeat a being known far and wide as one of the greatest fighters Soul Society had ever seen. With one final blow, Hiei had killed the Captain he had worked with for so long. And with that, he became the new Captain of the Second Division, and leader of the Omnisukido.

With this title, he ruled over his allies as a friend. The Omnisukido truly became a team under his rule, and it was unlikely that anyone could mimic the results if he died or retired. After only fifty years in charge of the division, he was one of the most popular Captains in the Gotei 13. His leadership skills were unquestionable, as were the results he obtained during the Omnisukido's missions. His leadership lasted for over one hundred years, and many considered him to one day be a candidate for the Division One Captain spot.

However, all that was to change. As with every good story, things were never going to act out how onlookers expected them to. As his power continued to grow, his training continuing every day, something stirred within him. Something that was with him the day he was sent to Soul Society. Something that wanted his body as its own. Something that was truly malevolent. The masked beast had awakened.

During one of his missions for the Omnisukido, he had with him two of his most promising members on earth. It was during this mission that his life took a sudden turn. An Arrancar revealed itself, its strength for too much for the two weaker members of his group. As the creature killed the first of his members, Hiei immediately activated Shunko. His technique was now mastered to the point that his control of the ability was unmatched. As they battled, the creature revealed its ressurreccion, and proved to be stronger than even a Shunko using Hiei. The only one left was watching in sheer horror as his Captain was being defeated before his eye's.

And then it happened. Hiei's emotionless eye's changed white green, to a dark hazel color. The white in his eye's changed to black, and a mask began to form upon his face. With but a single attack, he bought the battle to an end. No, he didn't kill the creature. He simply injured it enough to go away. The takeover only lasted around ten seconds before Hiei ripped the mask from his face, before simply staring at the now terrified member of his Division. The kid was suppose to be his friend, and was now frightened of what he had become. He immediately knew he had to turn his back on Soul Society, after all, it was quite obvious what had happened. Somehow, he had acquired Hollow Powers, and there was a witness to back up the claim. Bowing his head, he disappeared in a flash.

Throughout the last one hundred and fifty years, Hiei had mastered his Hollow Mask, able to call it out whenever he pleases. He also obtained the right of the king, giving him complete control of his newest powers. After mastering his powers, he was certain there had to be others like him. As such, he has begun his newest mission just days ago: To find those like him, and to give them all a place to call home. And, most importantly, to prove that their newly gained forms weren't a sin.

Last edited by Hiei on Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:31 pm; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Sumiyoshi Hiei    Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sumiyoshi Hiei    Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:28 pm

*cracks knuckles...again*

Righto, you know me Hiei, your resident, helpful and profile critiquing GM. I'm gonna [s]utterly destroy and rape[/s] be helpfully grading your profile today.

The bulk of the profile itself is, to be frank, spot on. I like it. Well written and easy to read at that. Well done on the mass majority of it.

But, like all things, there's always bound to be a tiny flaw or two. That's fine, that's why I'm here so we can make this into a profile of EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!

Bio: To be honest, there's only two or three things here that I see need a little expansion or clarification

Hidden Reiatsu: You said that his reiatsu was intentionally hidden. How so? Why? There's a gap here with an ability to be filled in with yet another interesting chapter behind why Hiei is who he is.

Acadamy Graduation: Everybody loves a prodigy. However, a two year graduate is unheard of, not even Gin or Hitsugaya had those kind of scales, and they were heralded as living legends among the academies. There also comes into play that, if he was utterly fail at zanjutsu, it is very unlikely that he'd graduate quickly. Maybe he could be the five year prodigy (seeing as how Hitsugaya graduated at 5 years and Gin at 4).

Hollow Transformation: I like the part where he transforms. But, WHY does he transform? There's another gap in what could contribute to another worthwhile read in Hiei's history. Did he have the nature from birth? Was it because of a corrupted soul buriel as he was becoming a demi-hollow? Little details make a character, so feel free to expand and let the mind go freely. We need some details here, the only limit is your imagination....and logic. lol

Well mate, that's all I've got right now. Like I said, everything else is pretty spot on.
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PostSubject: Re: Sumiyoshi Hiei    Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:04 pm

Hidden Reiatsu: I'm not going to lie... I don't remember ever saying he had Hidden Reiatsu... If you meant at the Academy era, he failed due to what he was instinctively doing from his human life. He was Japanese, but he was raised in China in a Shaolin Temple. I was going to include this in the history. Anyway, the Shaolin Monks believe in an energy called Qigong, which is why they appear to have the ability to do things that many would consider supernatural (Bending a spear with their neck for example). My intention was to see this as a 'Guaranteed Truth', and it worked as a weaker Reiryoku. Due to spending his life as a human literally being raised in their lifestyle, his body was instinctively continuing to produce this energy. This energy was essentially blocking his Reiryoku from producing itself. As he grew older, his body began to forget how to create it, and allowed his Reiryoku to begin to manifest. - A strange idea admittedly, but it sounded good in my head. But alas, I didn't put it in due to the 'do not include human life' section. It just seemed like a bit of fun in my head, and I didn't want to change the way I see his human life by editing the history xD. - I don't mind editing something in, but I would ask for assistance on this one, I can't seem to figure out how to write this in a history without writing about his human life.

Academy Graduation: Kaien Shiba passed in Two Years, and if i'm not mistaken, Gin passed in one and not four =/. I may be mistaken on the Gin subject, but Kaien Shiba was definitely a two year passer. I honestly chose 2 years because I believe Gin passed in one, and he was the perfect Shinigami Candidate. I will change it to five, as truth be told, I was just writing as it came to my head and didn't really try too hard on that section. Logical thinking clearly didn't enter into my head xD.

Hollow Transformation: Yeah I honestly forgot about that... Although yes, it was the latter. This has been done.


Last edited by Hiei on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:12 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Hollow Transformation section edited.)
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PostSubject: Re: Sumiyoshi Hiei    Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:52 am

I'll Approve this, I basically read over your changes and not the entire thing. If Marcus has a problem with this than he can deny it, simply because he was here first.

LEVEL 20 is assigned to you.
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PostSubject: Re: Sumiyoshi Hiei    

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Sumiyoshi Hiei
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