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Akemi Ume


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PostSubject: Sōhōnāmirā   Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:36 pm


Name: Sōhōnāmirā ”Twinned Mirror of Honor” (Akemi has nicknamed them “Akka” and “Amai”. Akka is the more rowdy twin, and Amai being the demure one. Akka means “sour” and Amai means “sweet”.)

Visual Age: They both look 17 years old.

Looks: Both of the twins look like average teenage girls, with some differences. The main difference? It's a huge one. They are conjoined twins, and connected at the hip. Akka has short blonde hair that appears to be curled and wild, somewhat resembling Akemis' own hairstyle. Her blonde bangs curve around the sides of her face sharply, and there are hints of light brown in her hair. She wears a black beaded necklace, wrapped many times around her neck and hanging past her chest. Her arms are a slight bit thicker than Amai's. Her fingers are bony and nimble, supported by a fleshy palm. Both of their skin colors are pale almond. Akka's body is thin, like Amai's. Akka's eyes are a beautiful crimson hue. Amais' eyes are a gentle yet dark sea green. Her hair, unlike Akkas', is long and wavy. Her bangs frame the sides of her face, and there’s often a thick strand hanging in front of her shoulders and ears. She wears a tiny white pearl necklace. It does not wrap around her neck, and fits like a choker. Amais' arms are a bit thinner and very bony. They both wear a brown and dark blood red dress, which is connected with cloth and straps at the hips. They also wear black holed tights. Akka wears dark violet boots that cover her feet and the area a few inches below her knees. Amai wears vibrant red narrow toes high heels.

Habits: These two twins may look somewhat alike, but their personalities sharply contrast. Akka is easily recognized by her fiery and bratty demeanor, and was often very rude in her younger days towards Akemi. She has a sarcastic and dark sense of humor, often joking with Akemi that she'll push her down a stairwell one day. Underneath her rowdy attitude, lies someone just wanting to reach their full potential and rid themselves of that sadness. She was the first to crack underneath Akemis' determination, and granted her Shikai. This came with a bit of yelling on her part, finding it necessary to point at the young masters flaws before handing over the first step. In this way, she has maternal tendencies, and only wants Akemi to grow farther. She'll get worried when Akemi is confronted with danger, but doesn't show this. Amai on the other hand, is very reserved and calm. At first she appeared to be polite and kind to Akemi, often shooting smiles at her and giggling when she made jokes about Akka. Most of this was a false front. Underneath was a shrewd and cunning lady, observing and watching quietly. She retained the demeanor of an innocent child, a perfect cover for seeing Akemis' true nature. It is tough to impress her or make her excited. There is only two things she will be surely excited about; fear and bloodshed. Everytime Akemi fought and defeated, it was like ecstasy for her. When she finally defeated her captain, Amai was truly thrilled. Even though she can be seen as ruthless and polite, she does hold maternal instincts. She warns Akemi not to train with her Bankai around others, as it wasn't made for training. It is unknown if she care for Akemis' safety, or just doesn't want to her master to die, for it would mena her own death.

Inner World: Well, it's a rather creepy and unpleasant one. It takes the appearance of a hospital, a mental hospital. The building are constructed of concrete and metal. The windows are all smashed out, leaving only hanging shards of glace in their frames. The concrete sides of the buildings are covered in grime and dirt. The metal is rusted over, taking a pink tint. Vines overrun both metal and concrete, decaying flowers hanging from them. There is an entrance door, the sign having been teared from its panel. Inside the hospital, it takes a more unsettling turn. The walls are smeared with blood and multicolored paint, along with some crayon streaks here and there. Empty syringes and needles lie scattered in some rooms. You can still see dirty gurneys with ripped sheets lying around. Paperwork is sitting in neat piles on abandoned desks. There are picture frames, with no pictures of any others except Akka and Amai. And it's always the same picture, though some of them have different expressions.
The Inner World:

Connection to Master: Well, their connection as changed over the years, for the better. During her days in the Academy, Akka used to treat her very rudely. She used to mock her master, treating her like a mere child. It was rare to see any form of respect from Akka during those days, as she viewed Akemi as an incompetent child with no more strength then a newborn baby. Amai used to treat her with an appropriate degree of respect during Akemis' younger years. Although, she would take any chance she got to correct her and lecture her on manners. It was something Akemi hated, yet tolerated quite well. During her days as an unseated officer, things were pretty much the same. She'd get the same disrespect from Akka, and light politeness from Amai. Yet, when she was confronted with a threat from two vengeful seated officers, Akkas' worry took a drastic increase. This greatly showed that everything was not as it seemed. Akka was the one who granted Akemi her Shikai, displaying that she was the more caring of the twins. All the insults and disrespect were a shield, testing how emotionally strong her master was. Amais' nature was also uncovered.

She was someone who, while still caring, put up a faux emotion as a front. Once she reached seated officer, things changed with Akka only. Akka began to show her more respect, trading in mockery for compliments and tips. Amai remained the same, closely watching young Akemi for progress. Progress that would interest her. When Akemi reached lieutenant level, they were both thrilled to see their young master grow into a wise wielder of power. Though, the amount of thrill each felt was different. Akka was the most jubilant about Akemis' promotion, while Amai was happy but reserved. She knew her little master could grow more, if only she conquered that sick pig who was Kenpachi after the former one left, due to Hollow contamination. After Akemi battled the Kenpachi and successfully killed him, Amai was truly happy than she had been a while. She hadn't been so happy since she saw her young master for the first time. She played it off as uninteresting, but she wasn't fooling anyone this time when she materialized in front of Akemi. Amai was the one who presented Akemi with her Bankai, revealing she had high standards for the girl to beat. Afterwords, both Amai and Akka were content with their master. They continue to push her onwards, knowing the girl can achieve that status of a legend.


Type: Nodachi

Camo: N/A

Looks: The blade of her zanpaktou is 4 feet long, with a 1 foot hilt. It is silver in color, and extremely sharp. The tsuba is rectangular in shape, with C shaped corners. Two tiny bars extend from the left edge of the tsuba to the right edge, and they her red in color. The rest of the tsuba is black. The hilt is wrapped in a black cloth, with a diamond pattern. The sheath is multicolored, with red flowers and tanned swirls. A red braided trap is tethered to the bottom of the sheath and the top. She uses this to carry it, sometimes she carries it on her shoulder and sometimes across her back. The latter method is most frequent.

Stat Increases:

-Attack- 10

-Defense- 5

-Speed- 0

-Magic- 0

Release Phrase: “Lets Kill Tonight, Sōhōnāmirā!”

Looks: Sōhōnāmirā shifts from a graceful katana, to a weapon fit for a battle hungry queen. It has been likened to a small, dual axes. The blade is silver in color, with a depression in the middle that is shaped like a half circle. The handles are wrapped many times over in a thin, buttery brown leather strap. Attached to each blade are blood red spikes, which she has counted 26 on each. This means that there are 52 spikes combined. In combination with the long, wide silver blade, her weapon is surely dangerous. A small skull totem hangs from the center of each blade. The silver blades are two feet in length, with the handles being 7 inches long. The spikes vary in length, but all are relatively small.

Element: Melee

Special Ability: Akemi's Shikai ability is that it causes wounds inflicted by her blade to feel as if they are rapidly being prodded with knives. The effect on people are varied. On people who are on her level, they will feel average effects. Mild pain from her ability. For those one or two below her level, the pain will feel slightly more increased, probably a bit above mild but not intense enough to be labeled as high. Anyone below two ranks will feel massive pain from her Shikai. For those who are more than two levels above her, they will feel little to no pain. As if it were a needle repeatedly prodding them, instead of a knife.


Name: Girochin -Japanese for “Guillotine”-
Description: A sharp wire sprouts from the bottom of each weapon. The wires connect, forming a very long sharp, bladed rope. This rope is commonly used for decapitation, especially decapitation of Hollows.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down” 1 post

Name: Meidenburēdo -Japanese for “Maiden Blades”-
Description: Akemi will start this technique by reciting the name once. She will thrust her arms to the side and a tiny, thin column of plum reiatsu will shoot up from the ground below. It will fully envelop her hands and weapons before shortly disappearing. Long purple spikes sprout from the short red spikes. Each long spike is formed of reiatsu, and one foot in length. They can be shattered, but the small blood red spikes cannot.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 6 posts

Name: Kurushimi Tatae -Japanese for “Damnation Glorified”-
Description: Spins around on one foot rapidly, arms held out. She'll abruptly stop and her entire body will glow a plum color, including her weapons. Akemi will clash the spikes on each weapon and plum reaitsu reforms around each of the 26 spikes, on each blade. She will swing her arms outwards simultaneously, and the spikes will fly towards the enemy. Should any of the spikes miss, they will continue to fly forward. She will raise her right hand in front of her and quickly draw it back towards her body. At that point, the spikes will begin to flip the direction they are flying. They will start to zone in on the victim they were first directed at, like homing missiles. These “missiles” can be avoided by highly fast movement, as even though they are fast, such things would cause them to collide with each other.
Duration: 2 posts
Cool Down: 5 posts

~~~~~~~~~Bankai ~~~~~~~~
Stat Increases

-Attack- 15



-Magic- 0

Name: Kanpekina Sōhōnāmirā ”Flawless Twinned Mirror of Honor”

Release Phrase: “It's our Final Dance, Kanpekina Sōhōnāmirā!”

Looks: During Bankai, both Akemi and Sōhōnāmirā change drastically. Her weapon will expand into a massive broadsword. The blade is 5 feet long, and the hilt is 1 foot long. One side of the blade is jagged, perfect for tearing flesh from the bone. The other side is smooth and sharp, ideal for slicing it cleanly. There is a large, circular hole on the base of the blade, about the size of an average persons head. The inside of this circle is also sharp, and she has contemplated using it for decapitation when the time comes. As for Akemis' looks, they too alter. Her physical appearance switches from that of a grown women, to one of a 16 year old girl. Her hair stays the same length, but turns a medium, shiny brown. Her usual shihakusho switches to that of a fiery red chiffon kimono. It has black straps, and is bound by a tan obi sash.
Blade & Physical Appearance:

Element: Melee

Special Ability: All wounds inflicted by Akemis blades could be doubled. Meaning, if she landed 3 strikes on your body, 6 more would appear in random spots. They would be the same depth as the original strikes, along with contain the same amount of power put into the original strikes. However there is a catch. These mirror strikes are unable to appear anywhere on the body that could be fatal. For example, if she deeply slashed you on the arm once, it could not appear as a deep slash on your neck. Should she cut off a limb, one minor body part (like a finger or toe) will be severed from the body.


Name: Amejisutorēzā -Japanese for “Amethyst Lasers”-
Description: Half of the blade splits from the hilt and lower half of blade. It instantly dissipates before reforming on the right side of the blade that is still attached to the hilt. It appears to be fused onto it. Along with that, the sword briefly glows a plum color before letting out a red flash. After the flash, the blade appears to be back to silver. However there are three, thin rectangular holes on the top edge of each blade. She is allowed to firing dangerous plum colored beams from those holes.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 5 posts

Name:Taihanabira -Japanese for “Thrashed Petals”-
Description: Akemi will start by spinning on one foot, then begin to form a graceful dance like ritual. Once she is finished, she will extend her arms out in front of her body, holding the sword forward. Akemi will quickly turn the blade horizontally and it will flash a plum color. After it briefly flashes a plum color, she is able to fire concentrated blasts of energy course around the blade, crackling and writhing like lightning. If she stabs the opponent during this attack, it will deliver even more injury than a regular attack.
Duration: 2 posts
Cool Down: 4 posts

Name: Furuyume -Japanese “Dream Wave”-
Description: Akemi will swirls her sword around in the air, holding it high above her head. A cloud of purple plum mist will gather above Akemi and her opponent. After a few seconds, the cloud will begin to rapidly condense over the blade. Once the blade is covered and turns purple, Akemi swings her zanpaktou at the opponent. She is capable of firing large, horizontal waves of energy at her opponent.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 5 posts
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Yokkyu Fuman

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PostSubject: Re: Sōhōnāmirā   Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:50 pm

Very interesting and well put together. I see nothing wrong with this, nothing needing to be added or removed or more explained on. Well done.
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