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 Suggestions for Releases and the like?

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PostSubject: Suggestions for Releases and the like?   Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:50 pm

This is mainly about Arrancar, Vizard and Quincy, but it has some play on some Shinigami's and likely some in Fullbringers, so I thought I would bring this up;

Basically, in Bleach, we've seen many transformations. For example;

Arrancar - Resureccion
Vizard - Hollow Mask
Quincy - Final Form
Fullbringer - TBA, but we've seen that their powers evolve in the case of Sado.
Shinigami - Shikai, Bankai

Now, Res, Mask and Final Form have one thing in common that is guaranteed - They change forms, and gain power through it. Res can even go as far as completely changing how they fight and in terms of this RP, their stats. Some Arrancar gain strength in all areas, where others specialize in one aspect more so, and gain less of the other aspects.

Vizard hollow mask appear to gain power in all aspects.

Quincy Final Form is the most significant power up we've seen in Bleach.

Shinigami - And for this we'll use Ichigo as an example - rarely have a Shikai or Bankai that changes the way they fight. Ichigo becomes considerably faster in Bankai, for example.

Fullbringers haven't revealed much here, but it's safe to assume there is some form of power increase in Sado when he uses his second arm.

Basically, I'm suggesting that using a release can either A.) Add 'x' to your stats (Example - Shinji using his Hollow Mask / Quincy Final Form) or B.) Completely change them. (Example: Yammy and his Res). Essentially, what i'm suggesting is that when releases are used, there is a potential to change or increase stats temporarily. A Zanpakutou like Ichigo's, which allows for hyper speed combat, should be reflected as a stat upgrade. Arrancar should be able to completely redo their stats in Resurreccion, because lets be honest here, some of the Res's we've seen certainly change their attributes completely. Yammy, as I said earlier, changes into a giant... Thing... His speed is clearly hindered, but he is considerably stronger. On this site, his speed stat would decrease, but his attack and defense would increase. I'm suggesting we somehow implement this into the site, simply because it would add something to fight sequences and make things more fun overall (In my opinion). Thoughts?
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Luck Prochainezo


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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions for Releases and the like?   Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:30 pm

Like i said in the cbox, i like this suggetion cause it would make the difference between actual captains and visored captains, their masks been the boost of power that the shinigami don't have.

Quote :
Fullbringers haven't revealed much here, but it's safe to assume there is some form of power increase in Sado when he uses his second arm.

yeah i consider that too, as quincies in their final form, fullbringers would only gain the boost in their stats during their ascended/second release

Now with zans it's harder... maybe should stay like they are now, if they want a stat up maybe creating a buff tech/skill or kido? like Shunko does for speed.

But It's something to see

my not so good idea about it so far...
    shini status - the same all the time, unless using boosting techs?

    Arrancar status - sealed has a small decrease of power, or Temporary Debuff Points. they decide how to decrease it, only decreasing their attack, defense, speed, magic or dividing however they wish their points. As their true power is showed when using their ress. Boosted power when in segunda etapa.
    (they can choose what stats will be boosted)

    An Arrancar has this stats, and during his sealed state with the... idk... 20 Temporary Debuff Points? he set his stats like this,
    Attack: 50 < 45
    Defense: 50 < 50
    Intelligence: can't be decreased as it wouldn't make difference battle wise
    Cero Power: 50 < 40
    Speed: 50 < 45

    it's not like a big overhaul but...

    visored stats - same all the time, unless using boost techs or when using their Masks. (they can choose what stats will be boosted)

    Fullbringer - reduction ? same all the time? idk cause some releases, like Chad/Sado change their whole strength while others, Orihime and others fullbringers, are more like manipulation/summoning. Stats boosting during second release or using boost techs.

    Quincy - Same all the time? their bow it's not what make them fast or w/e. Stats boost either using techs or during Final Form.(Final Form having a Fixed stats boost for all quincies)

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions for Releases and the like?   Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:37 am

hmmm, i was thinking that at the beginning. I didn't go all the way with it yet because i wasn't sure if it would be too messy or what. BUT If people like the idea then i can start working on it

*Escher reopens his stat folder*
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions for Releases and the like?   

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Suggestions for Releases and the like?
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